Our Process

Below you will find a brief overview of our process from start to finish.

Step 1 - Estimates/Stone selection
Estimates are always free. To give you an accurate estimate we will need the layout and measurements of the desired area, which can be e-mailed, faxed, or we can personally measure the area.

In addition, it is helpful to know if the sink is a top mount or under mount, the edge you want, and the granite you have selected or have in mind. We will then help locate the granite or other natural stone you have selected, at which point we will meet with you to look at it and make sure it is exactly what you want.

Step 2 - Template
To make sure that the granite is cut correctly it is often necessary to make a template. This helps us achieve a more accurate piece by getting the exact surface area and angle measurements.

Step 3 - Fabrication
Once the template is complete and we have the granite, it will then be cut to size and polished. All of our polishing is done wet to achieve the best edge.  

Step 4 - Installation
We will deliver the granite directly to your home. During the installation, all seams are glued, sinks are mounted, and appliances areas cut. The job is generally completed in one day.



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