About Us

In 1995 Crafts Granite and Marble was started by David Potter. In 2005 David Potter and Jim Hatley partnered to Incorporate the business, and turning it into what it is today. Jim Hatley has worked in the construction business for 45 years, his experience began with installing Formica countertops, acquiring 35 years of experience. As granite became more popular and affordable, he brought his experience to Crafts Granite and Marble.

Our goal at Crafts Granite & Marble Inc. is to provide our customers excellent craftsmanship along with competitive pricing and excellent customer service. We fabricate and install granite, marble, and engineered stone for new construction or remodeling in the residential and commercial industry. Our service is provided throughout Northeastern Oklahoma. Each of our team members has over ten years of experience fabricating and installing granite and other natural stone countertops.



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